cheers, m'dear (◕‿◕✿)

you can call me rachel. 20. nyu sophomore.
current location: utah.
the fuck….I hope you wont see him again. That is some scary shit!

i seriously hope he doesn’t ever come back trying to find me because i’m really freaked out about it. i’m pissed i didn’t drive around longer to lose him for sure

littlemiss-falloutboy replied to your photo “well, guys, we know who’s missing out on this anyway, amirite?”

Ummmmmm for the record, I would never cancel, for very obvious reasons *winkwinkwink* Also he’s dumb.

he’s super dumb, haha but i’m over it tbqh. hehe awe, i know i sure would never cancel on a pretty girl like you, either! :3

thank youuuuuu

spookybibi replied to your photo: “I spent like an hour getting ready and my date cancelled like 10…”:
I’m glad we get to see the gorgeousness that is you, even if your date can’t!

hehe aw, thanks bb <3

haha i’m v glad i could entertain you :P

summer lovin’ had me a blaaaaast~

myenemyisanotion replied to your post “today is just not a good day for my self esteem”

your tag is totally false. you’re fab, and you know it.

i dooo know it, i had a lapse in sanity last night, lol

3 hours of sleep followed by 8 hours of physical labor made me effin’ weird. but thank you <3 <3 <3

littlemiss-falloutboy replied to your post “today is just not a good day for my self esteem”

If it helps you feel any better I think you’re a p cute babe

aw thanks, bb, you da best <3

littlemiss-falloutboy replied to your post: “as an afterthought, i really fucking love when i find people who don’t…”:
I had an old co worker once look at me as if I was lying when I showed her a picture of my ex who was p attractive, and she just kept asking “really? you two were?…huh” lmao so I get where you’re coming from on appreciating ppl who don’t do that

it’s the most infuriating thing when people do that. they dehumanize you because of your appearance. i’m sorry, people who do that are a disgusting representation of the human race.


theseaqueeen replied to your post: “[[MOR]i’ve been really pissed about the hobby lobby thing today and…”:
Never put up with that shit from anyone, especially your family. If you don’t call them out on their shit then no one will and they’ll never change. I wish I could give you all the hugs for having to deal with that <3333

i ALWAYS call them out for it, no matter how big or small a comment may be. but there come times like this when i am being ganged up on and ridiculed that it becomes really frustrating and exhausting. i will never back down, but god damn it’s fucking DRAINING. thanks though, bb. all of your fb posts have been on point today btw <3