cheers, m'dear (◕‿◕✿)

you can call me rachel. 20. nyu sophomore.
current location: nyc.

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I don’t know why I love that you’re taller than me but I do and you’re so cute uggggh

aw hehe thanks bb :3

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Oh god yes she was an awful person.

she was a fucking terrible person tho like the world is better without her tbh

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Makes sense. I can relate to an extent. I’ve been single for almost 3 years now so plenty of time to figure shit out and though I’m not the most romantic person it would still be nice to have… something? Not sure what that would look like though

That’s kinda where I’m at too. And compared to when I was last in a relationship, I didn’t have this feeling at all. Like I didn’t want/desire a relationship the last time I had one, so it was really easy for me to let go of it (and why it didn’t work out). But that was 2 years ago and I’m just at a totally different place right now.

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Okay first trip to either New York or Utah you are on my list. My dad has a place in st George but that could be hundreds of miles from you lol. Those tags tho ❤️❤️❤️

haha yeah st. george is on the complete opposite end of the state from where i am in ut :P

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Not live halfway across the country geez

i’m sorryyy i’m sorryyyyyyyyy fuckin geography and shit :(

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this article was RTed by Max’s twitter. no one’s sure how credible it is, but basically it’s saying they’re gonna bring dave back and he’s gonna be romantically involved with blaine.

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that lipstick looks AWESOME with your hair omg

thank you bb!! <3

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that tattoo is everything. EVERYTHING.


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red velvet with cream cheese frosting is the bomb diggity :) thanks girl!

RIGHT? It’s my all-time fave for sure. Hehe thank you! <3

the fuck….I hope you wont see him again. That is some scary shit!

i seriously hope he doesn’t ever come back trying to find me because i’m really freaked out about it. i’m pissed i didn’t drive around longer to lose him for sure