cheers, m'dear (◕‿◕✿)

you can call me rachel. 20. nyu sophomore.
current location: utah.
calligraphyink replied to your post: “HI RACHEL I’M BORED AND SO ARE YOU so…. everything with a 6!”:
that tattoo is everything. EVERYTHING.


posted 1 day ago
calligraphyink replied to your post: “Hi dear! Let’s play a game with those asks. Calla Lily, Tulip and Daisy if you please :)”:
red velvet with cream cheese frosting is the bomb diggity :) thanks girl!

RIGHT? It’s my all-time fave for sure. Hehe thank you! <3

the fuck….I hope you wont see him again. That is some scary shit!

i seriously hope he doesn’t ever come back trying to find me because i’m really freaked out about it. i’m pissed i didn’t drive around longer to lose him for sure

littlemiss-falloutboy replied to your photo “well, guys, we know who’s missing out on this anyway, amirite?”

Ummmmmm for the record, I would never cancel, for very obvious reasons *winkwinkwink* Also he’s dumb.

he’s super dumb, haha but i’m over it tbqh. hehe awe, i know i sure would never cancel on a pretty girl like you, either! :3

thank youuuuuu

spookybibi replied to your photo: “I spent like an hour getting ready and my date cancelled like 10…”:
I’m glad we get to see the gorgeousness that is you, even if your date can’t!

hehe aw, thanks bb <3

haha i’m v glad i could entertain you :P

summer lovin’ had me a blaaaaast~

myenemyisanotion replied to your post “today is just not a good day for my self esteem”

your tag is totally false. you’re fab, and you know it.

i dooo know it, i had a lapse in sanity last night, lol

3 hours of sleep followed by 8 hours of physical labor made me effin’ weird. but thank you <3 <3 <3

littlemiss-falloutboy replied to your post “today is just not a good day for my self esteem”

If it helps you feel any better I think you’re a p cute babe

aw thanks, bb, you da best <3