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you can call me rachel. 20. nyu sophomore.
current location: nyc.

Thanks bb, we all need a good hug right now. This is a fucking mess. :*:*

rainbowslushee replied to your post: My roommates are fucking cunts. I’m definitely…

What the actual fuck?!

Cunt is literally the only word that fits them. They’re fucking ridiculous. I can’t even.

rainbowslushee replied to your post: my god my sister and this boy have been at…

Dude my sister’s bedroom is directly above my bathroom and artroom, and my sister is loud. And her bf’s got major stamina. And my sister is loud. Come, let us go find a rock to live under. A rock with Wifi.

omg YES YOU UNDERSTAND ME companions for lyfe~

lol a rock with wifi

i would love that rock feverently ahahah

rainbowslushee replied to your post: My baby girl didn’t make it :( Unecessary…

I wish I could give you a hug - our current cat was born into our family and I remember waking up and finding one of his sisters, the runt, had passed during the night - I may have only been 4, but I can still remember everything in extreme detail :(

Virtual hugs work :3

Ugh I seriously get so emotional with cats. Like, I am an animal person in general, but I am totally a cat person. Like, I am the cat lady. XD I get so attached to them. It’s seriously how people say their dogs are their children; that’s how I am with my cats. So I get so emotionally involved with them. Hell, I’ve only had these babes for a day and I got that attached. Sigh.

It’s okay, though, she’s not struggling anymore, and that’s good. She put up one hell of a fight, though, that’s for sure.

I remember a similar incident when I was younger, too. I was maybe 6, and our cat had her litter, and one of them was born not breathing. My step dad at the time was able to revive it though, and it made it, but I remember the panic pretty vividly.

rainbowslushee replied to your post: Omg I swear the whole world gets out of school…

My last day of high school a few years back was the second week of June, and we went back on the 29th for the end-of-the-year assembly. When are you done?

Well, grades 11 and under get out at the end of the first week of June. Seniors get out a week early, so my last day is May 30th. Which is still late compared to like everyone I know outside my district xD

Our graduation is earlier than it has been in the past few years though, so at least there’s that.

Back on the 29th though? That’s INSANE!

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*salute* Just let me know if you ever have issues with future episodes and I’ll help you out :)

eep thank you

rainbowslushee replied to your post: omg stop reblogging that creepy tulpa thing 


lol I actually do to but i keep seeing that picture and i’m like YOU GUYS THIS IS THE 50TH TIME

+ rainbowslushee

Red: What are your hobbies?

You mean besides blogging? LOL. 

No but really, I love to play music and sing. I also write songs. Kind of. I only have a couple songs worth listening to, but I still love it :P I also really love to draw, though I’m not terribly gifted artistically, I try xD. Reading is also a huge one. 

…yeah that’s basically it. LOL I’m kinda boring. I mean there’s other things I like but I wouldn’t consider them hobbies per say, but you know :P

+ It’s been like over a week so

Need to say hi to all my new followers! 

if i miss you in the tags i’m sorry there was a lot of you! xD