cheers, m'dear (◕‿◕✿)

you can call me rachel. 20. nyu sophomore.
current location: utah.

There’s nothing quite like getting drunk texts at 3am that say “you matter so much to me.”

Got my first tat today!! I am in love with it!

A legitimate thought that went through my mind today: “oh, I need to Facebook message my dildo lady today.”

Journey in concert was fucking amazing!!!

u ever had sex so good it got you thinkin you found “the one?” bc daaaamn

i want to go camping next weekend

but i’m gonna have my period next weekend

when you think someone’s outta your league, but you give it a shot anyway, and they’re into you

sometimes everytime i see pictures of london, i get this hollow, aching feeling in my chest.

every part of me longs to return there. i’ve never felt homesick for any place like i do with london; it just feels like it’s where i belong.

y’all, i just wanted to say that yesterday, i lifted 25 trusses with my sister yesterday up onto a roof from the ground. and where i was lifting, i was bearing all of the weight of them, while she would guide the end up to the roof. all of the weight. of these motherfuckers:

to be clear, usually they will bring in a CRANE to lift these things onto the roof. a fuckin’ crane.

so if anyone tries to tell you that fat people are lazy and useless, slap them in the face because this fat girl did WORK yesterday.