cheers, m'dear (◕‿◕✿)

you can call me rachel. 20. nyu sophomore.
current location: nyc.

So, my costume this year is fab, guys. #ruby #ouat

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This is my “I don’t want to do chemistry” face

This is my “I don’t want to do chemistry” face

so romeo & juliet on broadway was FANTASTIC! i am not a huge fan of the story but this production made it so interesting. and it was a HUGE plus that i got front row seats (look how close the stage was!!!!)

also, i got to meet orlando bloom (!!!!!!!!) and justin guarini (!!!!!!)

funny story about my selfies with justin: he was really sweet in agreeing to take a picture with me, and right as he leaned in, he whispered “seeeelllfie!” which explains why i’m laughing so much. it’s kind of blurry but he’s perfect.

it was a GREAT night!

Mark of a chem student: those #SEXY goggle lines #amiright 😉 hahaha can you tell how done I am with today???

I friggin’ adore this new cardigan! #ootd #obligatorymirrorpic

Wearing my support equal rights shirt in honor of today’s events! <3 #equality #lgbt

First beach day of the summer on the first 90+ day - woot woot! Had tons of fun, & I’m slightly less pale ;)

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The Tempest tonight! Colin Morgan, we’re ready to see your beautiful face 😍 (at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre)


7 books. 2 performers. 90 minutes. I’m so pumped. #PottedPotter