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you can call me rachel. 20. nyu sophomore.
current location: nyc.

#GoT swag for working this event: free season 3 box set!!!!

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Game of Thronesnyuskirball staff edition



when ur ready come and get it, na na na na


guys i’ve been having too much fun on snapchat

9, 13, 25 :)
+ angrysantana

9. Your Christmas list

My Christmas list was literally just clothes and scarves. And money. That’s it haha.

13. Favorite memory of the past summer

I would have to say the Fall Out Boy Save Rock & Roll tour. That was a fucking BLAST. There were a lot of great moments though, I had a really great summer.

25. Most recent picture you took

Oh man idek. Let’s see what’s the latest in my dropbox:

Selfie bc I was lookin’ real cute today lbh. Hair game was STRONG.

Last selfie of 2013? 😘 Happy New Years Eve!

Last selfie of 2013? 😘 Happy New Years Eve!

literally the best compliment i have ever received

Stage Door, 12/07/13
Princess of Wales Theatre

#FirstDate was SO great! Zachary Levi is just stupid and perf. Such a good day <3 (at Longacre Theatre)


I don’t care if it’s past Halloween, this was never posted and I don’t know why, because we’re fabulous. (Also totes making it our new sidebar image)

Never posted our OUAT group costume for halloween, so it’s late but whatever. I have fabulous roomies. Jenna as Belle, Catherine as Snow, and me as Ruby!

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