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I don’t know about anyone else, but all the Glee: Music masterposts I’ve seen have had only single track downloads, which can be convenient, but if you’re like me and looking to download multiple episodes, it’s a drag downloading individually.

So, I’ve made this masterpost that has tracks bundled - first and foremost, they’re grouped by season, but I plan to add themed music such as Rocky Horror, Madonna, Christmas, etc. Eventually I will add music by episode, karaoke versions, acapella, and music from The Glee Project.

Now available for download:

Updates coming soon:

  • Songs by Episode*
  • Glee: Acapella
  • The Glee Project

Track Packs coming soon:

  • Power of Madonna
  • Glee Christmas Music
  • Warblers
  • Rocky Horror Glee Show
  • West Side Story

*currently working on creating download links for this pack

All files should be mp3 files (with the exception of the Glee 3D soundtrack, which includes m4a files), if you find any that aren’t please notify me. 
Please report any broken links to my ask box.

Songs by episode for Season 3 now available.

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+ "I Am Unicorn" … my idea as to what will happen


Brittany will be walking down the hallway with Santana and she sees the character Alex (from the Glee Project) plays, who will most likely be in drag. She will get very confused about whether he is a boy or a girl, and someone will explain to her that he is a boy who is a girl. Then Brittany says she wants to be a unicorn, and when people tell her no she’ll say, “Well if he gets to be a girl, I get to be a unicorn.” This, I Am Unicorn! 

Me freaking gusta.

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