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Track Name: "Toxic (Season 5 Version)"
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Quinn, Brittany and Santana sing “Toxic” in 5x12 “100” [x]

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@MrRPMurphy Cheerios love Cheerios
@MrRPMurphy Cheerios love Cheerios

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15/15 → heather morris
15/15 → heather morris
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Candle (Sick and Tired) | The White Tie Affair

OMG! So I was obsessed with this song in like my 8th grade year, so 2008/2009, and I probably watched this video over 100 times and i just was in love with this song right so I was thinking about it again today and i was like yeah i should listen again

so i found the video and


in a sexy little cop outfit 


Sweet, sugar candyman

Candyman | The Troubletones

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iharryshum “I wish we were onstage right now at intermission time do glee performances as entertainment..”Love, Heather  http://yfrog.com/mea7vpj

She’s channeling Mufasa.

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The girls of Glee

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Interviewer: Can you share with us some fun tour stories, what was going on behind the scenes?

Heather and Cory: Uhhhh… Chord ran into a pole!

their faces!!!

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