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I need some input on how to repair my hair.
It’s super damaged. There are split ends all over the place. And it’s really fried.
Basicaly. I’ve been blowdrying and straightening it every single day for almost 6 years now. And, I’ve probably had it dyed around 40 times counting all of the times I got my roots touched up/the rest of the color freshened. I’ve also had it bleached at some point.
Which has clearly damaged the hell out of my hair. 
So, I was wondering if you guys had some suggestions for how to help repair it.

Hey, just wanted you to know that you don’t have to chop your hair off to get it healthy again! If you go into a salon and ask for a “service trim,” (where I’m from, they don’t advertise service trims, but many hairdressers know what they are and will do it for you) it will help a TON!

What they do is they take your hair in chunks and they pull it from the scalp, trimming fly-aways as they go down your hair. It takes awhile because they will go through it in layers to get your whole head, but it can improve the health of your hair so much! 

Over the summer I had gotten a perm, bleached my hair, and blowdried/straightened it numerous times, which put my hair in a very unhealthy state. But I got a service trim at the end of the summer and now my hair is SO healthy (even after bleaching it again to get a more vibrant ombre/melt)! 

Another thing that helps is if you get a moisturizing conditioner and use it regularly, and invest in a heat shield/heat protectant that you spray on your hair before you use any straighteners/curling irons on it. This combo is realllyyy great and can help a lot.

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looking up “ratchet hair” was the best decision ive ever made.

looking up “ratchet hair” was the best decision ive ever made.

looking up “ratchet hair” was the best decision ive ever made.

looking up “ratchet hair” was the best decision ive ever made.

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perfect hair perfect perfect perfect omg

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Forever changing my hair.

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Becccc, dis ma hur.

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