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you can call me rachel. 20. nyu sophomore.
current location: nyc.

+ I have hope for the upcoming generation.

So, I’m watching Toy Story with my 8 year old little brother and 11 year old sister, and out of nowhere, this happened:

Brother: I think Sid is kinda cute.
Sister: WHAT?
Brother: Actually… No, I don’t. He’s too mean.
Me: Would you think he’s cute if he were nice?
Brother: Yeah. But Andy is still cuter. He looks like a boy in my class who is cute.
Sister: But he’s a boy…
Brother: So? I think boys can be cute just like girls can be cute. And there’s nothing wrong if a boy likes another boy
Sister: Oh just like girls liking other girls. Like Rachel and her girlfriend.
Brother: Yeah. You can think anybody is cute!
Me: *exploding joy*