cheers, m'dear (◕‿◕✿)

you can call me rachel. 20. nyu sophomore.
current location: nyc.

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it’s all good. yeah i should probably take my own advice. but sometimes i will send random messages to someone and basically be like ‘heyy’ because i’m awkward and don’t know how to really start a convo.

well hey, better that than nothing haha

i’m literally the worst at starting conversations, it’s embarrassing.

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but yeah just talk to people if you miss them. :D

no sarcasm when i thank you for this advice! lol i mean it’s obvious but I’m always just like a hermit in my mind so i tend to let obvious things slip  by me.

like the other day, my flatmate had quoted some author who had said something along the lines of if you want to be productive, get dressed in the morning, and it was like life changing for me hahaha.

this is out of context and you won’t get it i’m going to shut up now. but. yeah.

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i’m awkward so i only talk to people if they talk to me first usually

I have this problem too, lol. I’m thinking it’s the source of my severe alone-ness haha.

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who’s that?

i heard of her like a year or two ago and everyone was like in love with her and i never listened to her shit but now my roommates are blasting her shit and i saw her perform on SNL and i’m just like SHE IS REALLY MEDIOCRE I DON’T GET IT

well i will say that her recorded stuff sounds okay but

watch her perform live and it just kind of ruins everything because it’s really bad tbh

but anyway


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Because my sister wanted to work overtime so I couldn’t get a ride. And the dress code is why I have pants and long sleeves on. Skicjahaifoelel

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Yeah, my uncle is obsessed with talking about politics, but luckily he isn’t around often. I’ve always heard the phrase, “The two topics you always avoid in conversation are politics and religion,” that’s why whenever people talk about it I’m like :|

Well at least you don’t have to deal with him too frequently as far as that subject goes.

Ahah, omg, that phrase literally describes me. Two most hated topics of conversation. Mostly because my views are always so controversial with those around me. 

Sigh you understand me. haha. <3

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Yeah, I typically try to ignore any topic dealing with politics. The other day I actually left a party due how arrogant and idiotic a certain dude was about politics and how racist he was.

Ugh, SAME! I hate talking about it, especially with my family here, because I love them to death, seriously, but they LOVE to try to knock me down and patronize me for my political views. It’s become a topic that I avoid like the fucking plague. I hate when people like to fuel the fire. :|

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This is the one downside of moving to Utah. 

People like this? They’re EVERYWHERE.

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Jesus, Rachel, I’m so sorry you’re going through this. Is there anything I can do for you? *hugs*

Thanks hon. I don’t know. I can’t think right now. But I don’t know if anyone can really do anything but me.

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Maybe try to outside? Get away in some way? And breathe and relax? I’m sorry that I can’t be there to help you.

Yeah that’s what I’m going to do. I’m having a bit of a panic attack but I’m gonna get up and leave before it gets worse. Thank you though.

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That’s because he does comedy, not drama.

Yesssss definitely.