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Rachel Berry.
+ Anonymous

Eee sorry this took so long, Anon, I forgot about it this morning from my mobile and I’ve just seen it while I was on the computer.

  • How I feel about this character:
    TBH I think I was a bit indifferent to Rachel when I first started watching Glee. I started halfway through season two and I watched it so fast that I think I kind of brushed her off as annoying for a bit. But after rewatching I came to admire her ambition and how much she cares about Glee. But I still shake my head at her from time to time watching her interaction in her friendships.
  • Romantic ships:
    Quinn Fabray, Noah Puckerman, Quinn Fabray, Mercedes Jones, Quinn Fabray, Finn Hudson, Quinn Fabray, Sam Evans, oh and uh, Quinn Fabray.
  • Non-romantic OTPs
    Mercedes, Sam, Azimio, Santana
  • My unpopular opinion about this character:
    I know she’s a high school girl but J.F.C. the fact that she’s so boy crazy drives me insane sometimes. I know she’s smart enough to realize that if she wants to achieve her dream she needs to focus on herself and not some stupid high school boy. Also the fact that she didn’t have a clue about Juliard or what she needed to do with NYADA? BAD WRITERS. BAD. WRITERS. STOP MAKING YOUR CHARACTERS LOOK INCOMPETENT. 
  • One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon 
    Say no, Rachel. Say. No. Say it with me. No.

Puckleberry head canon: Road trip back to Lima from NY on breaks and holidays. Of course they sing in the car.

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Kurt and Blaine sing Perfect to Dave after he’s outed at school.

Pretty pretty please, don’t you ever ever feel like you’re less than fucking perfect. ♥ 

+ Spoiled Diva? - ‘Asian F’ thoughts

Come one, guys, Mercedes has every reason to be bitter. (As do other girls in Glee club, namely Tina. I would make the same argument if it were anyone else against Rachel)

What’s the reason, you ask? Well, up to 3x02, here’s the statistics for you:

Rachel Solos: 18

Duets? 25

Mercedes Solos: 10

Duets? 6

Not to mention, Rachel gets the lead in nearly every group number New Directions does.

So, that puts Mercedes at a grand total of 16 times in the spotlight, and Rachel at 43. Hmm, okay.

Okay, so tell me again why it’s okay for everyone to get pissed at MERCEDES when she complains about the Rachel Berry show? It’s completely in character and completely valid. We all know that from the start, Glee has been the Rachel Berry show, and that’s how it was pretty much intended. Don’t deny it. But it makes perfect sense for Mercedes to get angry every now and then for not having her share of the limelight.

However, I know I, for one, am really freaking sick of the Diva-Offs between Rachel and Mercedes. It’s overdone, and they’re beating a dead horse right about now. 

BUT, I find no justification for everyone pulling the ‘angry, sassy diva’ card on Mercedes when Rachel gets EVERYTHING as far as glee club is concerned. 

And though it was a nice gesture, Rachel giving up 3 of her 46 intended performances to Mercedes does not make her the perfect angel in my eyes. 

Sorry, it doesn’t erase all the shit that has been put up with from Rachel. Yes, Rachel is a diva, too. And in my opinion, much more spoiled than Mercedes in a lot of aspects when the Glee club is concerned. (However, I hated Mercedes’ behaviour in Night of Neglect, that is one instance where I won’t defend Mercedes because I know she was wrong. - But then again, Rachel exhibits similar, though not as extreme, behaviour throughout the series)

So yes, I’m mad that there’s so much Mercedes hate in the fandom, and yes, I think Mercedes is justified in her annoyance.



New Directions - Broken

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Mercedes: The three of us are divas! Look at our idols: Whitney, Barbra, Patti LuPone—they all became stars while they were single. They took all the pain and loneliness and they put it into their music. People can relate to it. Everybody feels lonely. Harnessing this pain is why they became legends.

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+ My Merchel commentary

I will cuddle the fuck out of you.

Sue is such a twat swatter.

What? Your pants are still on.

I was waiting for you to help me with them.

I just want dat ass.



Hey, our underwear match!

Fondling? OH YEAH


She’s getting laid tonight!


Stay calm and ship Merchel

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