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+ 2011 F&tF Holiday Drive!


The giving season is fast approaching! The F&tF mods encourage and support the act of giving to charities, specifically those aimed at helping the LGBT community. As a lot of us know, the LGBT community is a closely linked aspect of the Glee fan community, especially for those of us who are a part of the community ourselves. This is our chance to give back a little. There is no limit on how much or little you can give. We understand that, in this economy, giving can sometimes be a difficult task to accomplish, but just remember that every little bit makes a difference; you can make a difference.

When you donate to the charity of your choice you will receive from us a personalized banner in your F&tF profile page, as well as the knowledge that you’ve done something to help others.

We will be running this event until January 1st, 2012 so, if you can afford to, be sure and join in on the giving!

Please click here to see our list of charities, how to donate, and previews of the donation banners!

If you would like to post this to your LJ to help spread the word, F&tF’s LJ mirror has a repost button on the entry.

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