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you can call me rachel. 20. nyu sophomore.
current location: nyc.

Andy went straight to the empty seat next to Sid, slamming his books down trying to catch his attention. The other boy had gone back to furious doodling in an attempt to ignore Andy’s presence.

"Vandalism on the first day of school? Nice," Andy commented. Sid didn’t move his head.

"Hey, that’s not going to work," Andy whispered, leaning in close to Sid’s side. "You’re not going to avoid this conversation."

"Oh yeah? Watch me," Sid said quietly without taking his eyes off of his notebook.

"Give me one good reason for standing me up Friday night,” Andy breathed, frustrated. “Or how about one for ignoring my texts all weekend afterwards?”

Sid’s hand stopped writing, and his eyebrows furrowed as stared intensely at the desktop. Finally, he looked up, his eyes guarded. 

"Maybe I was busy," he shrugged. Andy rolled his eyes.

"Maybe I got nervous. Maybe I just got to thinking that you’re way out of my league, and that you deserve a hell of a lot better than me.”