cheers, m'dear (◕‿◕✿)

you can call me rachel. 20. nyu sophomore.
current location: nyc.
who are your favorite people on tumblr?
+ Anonymous

Oh mah goodness this is always the hardest question. THERE’S SO MANY.

Well there’s my ohana, they’re all fantastic and beautiful.

There’s also:

threeoctopusesandanotter, xxheavyinyourarmsxx, byitsverydefinition, thesecretmichan, reallytessisamess, mimiinfinity, marycockins, davetheadmirer, pandacolfer, homosexualwatercolors, timelikedali, colferkurtofsky, itsawonderfulygreatlife, nowhere-inparticular, stellalunatic, tinypirateinvasion, boxthekumquat, onedayiwillfuckyourparents, wanderlustlights, kaisexual, saltedpork, kurtslovechild, zeldahansonpotter, daveloveskurt, lipsofdynamite, ilarina, davekarofskykingofthegays, televisionglow, keepfabandgayon, lizaye, camunki, assporn, cappiejones, dingdongimdead, daemondamian, silentpirate, lasagnadame, planetpigrabbit, absinthfairy, baroleobsession, falling-from-cloud-nine

no order, just the names as i thought of them

and omg i know i forgot people but asld;fk

i should just make a follow forever hahah