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+ I do not get why people are so upset of David thinking about being with another man.


In his mindset, Kurt doesn’t like him— period. He thinks it’s time to move on, think about someone else, fall for someone else. Why is it bad for him to think about someone else?

I personally believe, however that once David does this that he will realize how much he loves Kurt and that it doesn’t feel right. That maybe another notch as the reasons why he tries to commit suicide, other than the fact that I think Nick will threaten to out him, or he is outed.

I do not think people realize that Kurt Hummel is not just someone he loves, but as a sign of hope.

People do tend to commit suicide feel: Hopelessness.

That is the one thing that my psychology professor has told me that is similar to all people who usually consider suicide is that they feel hopeless.

If Kurt Hummel is a sign and symbol for hope. I can see why David would drive himself into thinking suicide is the best option (even though it isn’t). He’s so scared and terrified, he’s potentially going to be outed, and the person he looks to as a symbol of hope rejects him? It must take a huge toll on someone, especially if you love them. Especially if they are the symbol of “hope” for you.

If you’re terrified for your life, going to be outed, and who you look up to for “hope” rejects you… Wouldn’t you feel hopeless?