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+ I just realized that this Huck Finn final I just wrote is essentially an outline for a Huck Finn/To Kill A Mockingbird crossover fic.

Tumblr, what have you done to me. I just related my English final to fan fiction.

For anyone bored enough, it’s here, LOL.


Huck Finn Final – Option 1

A Serendipitous Encounter

Statement of Intent:

Ernest Hemingway once said “All modern American literature comes from one book by Mark Twain called Huckleberry Finn.” This quote intrigued me to examine the extent to which this novel has influenced modern literature. The first thing that came to mind was To Kill A Mockingbird, by Harper Lee. I noticed there are many similarities between the protagonists in each novel, Huck Finn and Scout Finch. Both of these characters are exposed to the harsh racism of the south during times of slavery in the US. Their journeys are parallel due to the significant similarities in their personalities. Huck and Scout are both very young when they are sort of thrown into the reality of society. However, rather than being overwhelmed, they both are very insightful and wise for their age, and they act a lot more like adults than children. And though they’re very curious about the world, they don’t let their curiosity overwhelm their thoughtfulness; everything they do is never on a whim, they’re always careful to consider all sides of an issue. They’re also independent in that they don’t let societal ideals dictate their actions or their opinions. Another interesting aspect to look at is the relationship they have with their fathers. Although the dynamics of these relationships contrast each other sharply, the fathers of these characters hugely impact the course of their journey through life.

In order to demonstrate these similarities and derive the significance behind them, a chance meeting between Huck and Scout will be portrayed below. It is set in a Civil Rights Movement-era diner in Chicago, IL. The purpose of the time period is to demonstrate their societal views as well as how their respective journeys affected their views on racism in society. Rather than have the location be one thwarted with racism as those in which they grew up in, I thought it would be interesting to show them in a more Northern state, where others perhaps shared similar viewpoints with them. Essentially, the meeting brings about a conversation between the two characters that introduces their similarities and also shows the significance and impact of their experiences from the characters’ perspective.