cheers, m'dear (◕‿◕✿)

you can call me rachel. 20. nyu sophomore.
current location: nyc.

+ Okay I swear after this I will shut up but can we just look at the rollercoaster of emotions I’ve gone through today?

  • Waking up, pure excitement because Blaine, Kurt, and Dave are all naked in my Blaineofsky RP in a game of Never Have I Ever
  • Complete stress when I remembered I have a week of homework to do. LOL but I’m putting it off so.
  • RAGE at the “Asian F” listen Friday + spoilers. Spent a good hour savagely defending Mercedes and creying.
  • Even more RAGE at The First Time spoilers
  • lose hope in Glee indefinitely.
  • Fangirling at the return of Azimio in the Run The World peek; followed by expressing joy on several social networks.
  • hope in glee is restored
  • Flail because I started another para with my Merzimio RP partner and it’s AWESOME and nothing hurts anymore
  • Panic mixed with GAY BAR FEELINGS because spoilers were being released at the same time I was crunching to meet a deadline for an application.
  • Depression over missing the deadline by less than 60 seconds.
  • hyperventilation over my James Earl feelings and that he RTed me again.

help i’ve fallen and i can’t get up.

okay, i’ll stop talking about this now. I just thought I would share with the world.