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I’m extremely protective of Shai by nature

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I’m sorry - not my usual stuff - but this is incredibly important. Please share around. It could save someone’s life.

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*of course I love him*

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I can’t wait until I can breathe again, guys. It’s gonna be awesome.


my g spot is located about 2 inches inside your wallet

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Just Sheo being cute at the Divergent premiere

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I think Mickey has a really big heart. My experience in life and also in parts is that the harder people are on the outside, the more they’re just trying to protect something on the inside. I mean, if you look at Mickey, he’s the kind of guy that would go to jail for you if you needed him. He would do anything for you if you’re in that inner circle of his family. And it’s interesting to watch someone struggle with someone that he would want to have in his inner circle but because of his own personal demons there’s no way that he can be that person yet. I think he definitely has a heart, but it’s just a matter if his heart is going to grow to a place where it can be available.

Noel Fisher [x] (via colestclair)
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